/Moldova 2013/
CISV Village - Sweden 2010

CISV Youth Meeting - Germany 2012 

CISV Youth Meeting - Austria 2012

CISV Youth Meeting - Latvia 2013

RTF (Regional Training Forum) - Italy 2010

RTF (Regional Training Forum) - Latvia 2011

Partnership Building Activity - Moldova 2012

Teachers in 2032 Pestalozzi

Camp organisational Planning Meeting - Norway 2012

RTF (Regional Training Forum) - Estonia 2013

Youth Meeting in Austria 2012Youth Meeting in Latvia 2013

Golden Frame in the Czech Republic (2013)



Golden Frame Blog

PBA Rural Youth in Action
         Info Pack

Pilot Qualification Course for Youth Workers
  • Importance of youth work in the context of youth policy
  • Values attitudes and rules of youth worker
  • Methodological principles of non-formal education
  • Theory and practice on youth work interventions
  • Personal and professional development of youth worker
  • Certificate
Coordinating and hosting the first National camp in 2013Video

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